Troubleshooting TechnoCore

Where to find clues

If you run into issues, there are a couple main places to look for clues.

  • If you know what service is failing, usually the best place to look is in the logs for the problimatic service: ./tc logs <SERVICE_NAME>.
  • You can see what services are currently running, as well as the status by running docker service ls. This can sometimes help identify services that just aren't starting due to a configuration error.
  • Occasionally there is a service that is failing before the can even start, and thus doesn't output any logs. In these situations monitoring the Docker service can be very helpful. Run journalctl -f -u docker or journalctl -r -u docker to see the exact error.
  • Check the documentation dedicated to the service you're having trouble with. Links can be found on the Supported Services page.

Common issues

TLS being un-trusted Ummon crashing Vault credentials expiring