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Service Information

In order to provide a trusted connection to TechnoCore, I've utilized and LetsEncrypt to generate trusted TLS certificates. You'll need to provide your DuckDNS token and domain as part of the installation. DuckDNS allows you to login using GitHub, Reddit, Google, or Twitter accounts, so you shouldn't need to create a new account.

Docker image


Getting Started

Docker backend settings

Wildcard domains

Traefik simple SSO

You can define what fields are reported to the access-log

Sometimes order seems to matter in the run flags.

Different format for cli vs compose

List of LetsEncrypt DNS verification providers

Use https://whatever@traefik.your.domain to log out of Traefik

DigitalOcean ACME settings:

Cli, env, labels, and file settings... All of them.

Adding auth middleware

Pretty comprehensive guide to using Traefik V2

Converting from v1 to v2


Decent examples

Use a router


Basic Auth

HTTPS Good example of how to do http->https forwarding:

Issue with Home Assistant and WebSockets:

Best guide on running Traefik in Swarm

Using Traefik with DuckDNS

Traefik and MDNS

How to run Traefik and Fail2ban together

DuckDNS does NOT work well when using subdomains

Only one txt file, and I think each subdomain clobers the previous

Secure dashboard with password

Forwarding auth is supported

Idea for how to do LDAP (with NGINX) and still use Traefik