• Spencer Hachmeister - Initial work See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


If you were to compare the number of lines of code unique to TechnoCore vs the projects that make up TechnoCore, it would be clear my contribution has been a drop in the ocean. The real credit has to go to all the folks creating open source software, without which, TechnoCore would not be possible. More specifically, I'd like to thank everyone who has worked on the following projects:

  • Home Assistant for making TechnoCore user friendly. Home Assistant makes seeing current statuses, history, and interacting with the devices easy.
  • ESPHome for running my ESP8266s. *ESPHome and/or ESP8266s are not necessary for TechnoCore. All that is required are devices that can communicate using the MQTT protocol.
  • Grafana for making graphing data easy and beautiful.
  • Node-RED for allowing an intuitive way to program the Internet of Things. Because of this, Node-RED is used to implement all the business logic.
  • Jupyter for providing data science and python capabilities
  • NGINX for being the gateway to TechnoCore.
  • Prometheus for collecting and storing metrics.
  • Docker for being the glue that brings everything together. Without Docker, sharing this project would not be feasible and be tricky to maintain. Docker makes TechnoCore possible.
  • Portainer for making Docker approachable.
  • VerneMQ for being the communication backbone of TechnoCore.
  • Vault for the private key infrastructure that enables secure authentication and communication between devices, services, and browsers.
  • Dogfish for enabling migrations in the services.
  • for making LetsEncrypt crazy easy.
  • InfluxDB for storing sensor data.
  • PostgreSQL for storing the data; in the world today, data is worth more than gold.
  • Loki for collecting and stores logs.
  • HUGO for powering TechnoCore's documentation.
  • Jekyll for originally powering TechnoCore's documentation.
  • PlatformIO for flashing ESPs.
  • yq for making yaml in bash possible.
  • Linux for being the OS running TechnoCore and much else in our lives.
  • Espressif/ESP8266 for being the easiest and cheapest way to run many sensors.
  • DuckDNS for making using LetsEncrypt simple, as well as providing dynamic DNS. The free service is much appreciated.
  • LetsEncrypt for automating security and encrypting the web.
  • Open Agriculture Initiative - for providing the blueprint that got me started. When I discovered their Minimum Viable Product, I started building it that week. TechnoCore is solving a different problem and takes a different approach accordingly, and Open Ag deserve credit for being the project that kicked it all off.